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  • How old do I need to be?
    All participating venues sell liquor to Sip City Tour patrons. Therefore, our events are 21+. Unless otherwise noted, you must be of legal drinking age or older to purchase your ticket(s) and to participate in our events.
  • Oops, what if I lost my ticket?"
    When placing a ticket order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with all of the event information as well as an "e-ticket" you will need to bring to the registration venue. If by any chance, you cannot locate your "print-at-home" ticket or your e-mail, try searching your inbox for the confirmation email. Refer back to that email and you can print out your ticket once again. Notice: We scan tickets upon arrival. Duplicate tickets will be rejected and full price will be charged at the registration to whoever does not have a unique ticket order.
  • My plans changed, can I get a refund?"
    Ugh, bummer! We are sad every time we hear that someone may not be able to attend the event because their plans have changed - they fall ill, due to an emergency, etc. Unfortunately, all sales are final unless the event is cancelled. However, our event tickets are transferrable! Yep. Even if you're name is on the actual ticket, you can still gift it to another individual. We will accept the ticket no matter whose name is on it as long as it is used once and is unique. Duplicate tickets will be rejected at registration and charged full price.
  • What should I wear?
    It's all about the shoes. Although you may look fabulous in those 6in steletos ... Sean, we encourage wearing comfortable shoes. It is a walking tour afterall.
  • Is tipping acceptable or required?
    That is totally at your discretion. Tipping is acceptable, but not required. We expect our guides to be highly professional, well-trained, and to entertain you regardless of potential gratuities. Many of our guests appreciate good service and choose to reward it, and the guides are always grateful. The same applies to the bartenders and servers at the bars we visit.
  • Do you offer private tours?
    Absolutely! To arrange your group event, please contact us for more detail.
  • Do you offer gift cards?
    Sure! To purchase an eGift Card, CLICK HERE
  • Do I need to have ID?
    Absolutely. Sip City Tour is not responsible if you are unable to gain entry into any participating taverns for failing to provide sufficient identification.
  • How long does the tour actually last?
    Generally around 2 - 2 1/2 hours depending on the size of the group.
  • Does the tour run rain or shine?
    Yes, the tour runs in all weather unless it's dangerous. If we cancel the event, participants may reschedule for a future tour.
  • How long (distance) is your Pub Tour?
    The entire tour, from start to finish is aprox. 1/2 mile. While it is far from strenuous, we do recommend that you wear comfortable walking shoes and dress for the weather!
  • Can we bring cameras or video equipment?
    Sure!!! How else are you going to show all your Facebook friends how cool downtown New Port Richey is, and how much fun our pub tours are! So have fun, and good shooting!
  • Is there any reason a tour won't go out?
    If a minimum guest count is unmet for a tour or in unsafe conditions we may postpone or cancel a tour. We would of course reschedule your tour, or refund your ticket purchase.
  • Is the tour route wheelchair accessible?
    The last thing we want is for anyone to feel left out. If need be, we can arrange a route that is wheelchair accessible.
  • I am running late for the tour, will you wait for me?"
    We must start the tour on time because our other guests do not want to wait. If you are running late, please let us know (you will be provided contact information upon purchasing your tickets). Please give yourself plenty of time to get to the tour and find parking!
  • Do we go inside buildings during the tour?
    But of course! How else would we get drinks!
  • Does my $20 ticket include beer or drinks?
    Your $20 ticket guarantees your spot on the tour, lets you hear all our great stories, and provides you with a cool bracelet to impress all your friends and identify you as a "Sip City Tourist" for the duration of the evening. The ticket price does not include drinks. Please bring extra money to purchase drinks along the tour route! Although most of our stops will accept credit cards, cash is preferred as it moves much faster.
  • Can we bring our own booze or carry cocktails from bar to bar?
    No! No outside alcohol is permitted...period, no exceptions. No drinks may leave the bar...period, no exceptions.
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